Good times cubed!

We have been having a great last week here in Chilliwack. Even though we have been busy running around and doing things we have also made time for enjoyment.

Last night Marc planned a lovely surprise date for me. We went on a Scavenger Hunt around Chilliwack and ended up at a great Italian restaurant where there were two lovely bouqets of flowers waiting for me. We had a great time on the Scavenger Hunt (even though it took me awhile to get some of the clues) and it was fun to get away from our barrage of packing.

The first clue led me to a treed corridor down our street that leads to the park. The clue was hidden so well that I could not find it and when Marc took the flashlight and pointed it, it still took me a while. It led me to Save on Foods (now Pricemart) underneath the wheel of a shopping cart.

After that we headed to the library at the hospital and found the next clue hidden in the extremely heavy "History of Medicine" textbook.

The last clue said to head to my favourite restaurant (Bravo). Unfortunately it was closed on Mondays so we headed to a new Italian restaurant which was excellent. Marc had phoned ahead to the other restaurant and found out they were closed so brought the flowers to the new restaurant instead.

Today our good friend Steve came out to help us pack and pack we did! Marc and Steve packed up the garage and then we tackled the kitchen. We also enjoyed a nice walk with Niko. Here are some pictures from our walk.
Look at the crazy sky in the above picture!

Lastly, to cube the good times we had a potluck tonight with our small group. We will sure miss this group of people and their support and friendship while we are gone. We know we will still be able to keep in contact with them but we will sure miss our once a week meetings!


shareen said...

that looks like so much fun...Marc is so good at stuff like that. :) (pssst - ask him where he got the idea! hee hee) I'm glad you had a good time.

Mama Bear said...

oooo...fun! i like scanenger hunts.

c-haynes said...

You will be missed by more than your small group. But hopefully posts will continue katika kenya. Kwaheri kwa sasa marafiki.

shareen said...

I think Chris went crazy from the grief...

~Nanc. said...

No way... he's not crazy... he just said I hope your posts will continue from Kenya. Bye for now my friends!

Man it's kind of like the biblical use of speaking in tongues... it should only be used to edify the body when someone is available to interpret! haha!

p.s. who is that guy and how does he know swahili?